The Analiit-AA OÜ laboratory is situated in Estonia, in the city of Maardu, i.e. within easy reach of all waterside (transit) terminals and local terminals serving the local market.

Currently, Analiit-AA provides services to practically all terminals operating in the Estonian local market.

Analiit-AA OÜ is a separate legal entity, which has been in operation since 1992.

Analiit-AA OÜ is accredited as a testing laboratory according to EVS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2006 by the Estonian Accreditation Centre (Certificate of Accreditation No. L039).

Analiit-AA OÜ is accredited as a certification body according to EVS-EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 by the Estonian Accreditation Centre (Certificate of Accreditation No. PC 007).

The laboratory has also passed the inspection by BP Air with regard to the analysis of JET fuels and been awarded the Air BP Laboratory Audit Report with rating 4 on a scale of 5.

Analiit-AA OÜ participates in international cross checks, collaborative trials etc. arranged by the Institute of Interlaboratory Studies, continuously raising the quality of oil product analysis and gauging operations. This programme involves about 200 laboratories worldwide.

Analiit-AA OÜ provides services to a large number of clients both in Estonia and abroad.

To date, the level of laboratory equipment of Analiit-AA OÜ is probably highest among all other laboratories operating in Estonia.


Having an huge equipment stock and the accreditation for large number of test methods (EN-ISO, ASTM), the laboratory is capable of carrying out full-scale testing of:


  •           JET
  •           AvGas
  •           Bioethanol
  •           Biodiesel (FAME)
  •           Crude oil,
  •           Gas condensate,
  •           Petrol,
  •           Liuid hydrocarbons,
  •           Gasoline,
  •           Kerosene,
  •           Heating oil
  •           Diesel fuel,
  •           Ship bunkering fuel
  •           Lubricating oil
  •           Vacuum gas oil
  •           Fuel oil


All devices are situated in one place, so it allows to perform all analyses without any transportation to other places.



Also, the laboratory has an inspection department (sampling and measurement). The personnel of which can carry out the following operations:


  •         Sampling
  •         Inspection of shore tanks
  •         Inspection of rail tank cars
  •         Inspection of vessels


Our personnel have high qualifications and extensive work experience, which allows us to fulfil our clients’ orders promptly and with high quality.